About Us

A UK family owned company beginning in 1993, FW Homestores has always had an ethos of high-quality & stylish design at an affordable price. With over 25 years of experience and knowledge of the furniture industry, we are now proud to independently own 4 large superstores located across South Wales and the South West of England...

“The company really started when we started decorating our new home. I wanted more than a sofa and dining set, I wanted rugs, lamps and artwork all to match the decor. After hunting around the high street stores I was disappointed with the lack of choice. Always having a passion for interiors and decor, I decided I would set up my own furniture store that mixed modern with contemporary and was an inspirational place where you could buy everything to make your house a home.”

Vicky Ward, FW Homestores Founder


After many months of careful planning, Vicky took the plunge and opened her first store, naming it Furniture Warehouse. The store offered a completely unique shopping experience and quickly built a solid reputation.


Due to the success of the small family store, Vicky realised the demand for the brand she had built had outgrown the premises and she needed a larger store. It was with huge excitement that she relocated to the first FW Homestores to a bigger space with more product choice than ever.


With the company having evolved from a simple warehouse environment to an all-inclusive superstore, Vicky made the decision to re-brand Furniture Warehouse to today’s name of FW Homestores, reflecting how the business had developed over the years.


Inspired by a conversation with friends local to the Newport area, Vicky realised the growing demand for the FW Homestores brand - prompting the successful opening of the Newport store. Later that year, the FW Homestores website was launched, complete with a new logo for the whole brand.


Caerphilly opens its doors to the public becoming the third FW Homestores superstore. With over 15,000 square feet of retail space, the store was an instant success, and a fresh canvas for Vicky to decorate with quirky & stylish furniture and accessories.


With a capital takeover in mind, store number four popped up in the Welsh city of Cardiff. As the biggest store opening yet, in a huge city, FW Homestores’ concept and approach to interior design was well received by new customers.


Always Expanding -  in 2017 FW Homestores proudly relocated their Newport store to a larger space. With all the added room, the new superstore had the potential to really show of everything that FW Homestores has to offer.


“From when I opened our very first store over 25 years ago, my passion and drive for bringing the latest trends and styles to our customers is stronger than ever. Our business will always endeavour to offer you designer-led, functional furniture with quality and price in mind.”

- Vicky Ward