Mattress Types

It's easy to find the right mattress
 when you know what you're looking for! The first step is to decide which type of mattress is right one for you. This guide will detail the main mattress types and their respective pro's and con's.


Mattress Types

Foam Mattresses 

There are three main types of foam in use, constructed using either a layer of Memory Foam; great at Responds to individual shape and pressure. Or Latex; a premium quality material, derived from the sap of the rubber tree. Latex has a distinctive, resilient feel, is very durable and has anti-microbial properties that offer benefits to many allergy sufferers. And PU Foam; a synthetic, petroleum based foam with performance and price varying according to density and quality. PU is widely used and very versatile. All three different types of foam mattress offer a body moulding effect, which relieves pressure points and helps to prevent restlessne. 

Spring Interior Mattresses

The majority of mattresses in the UK have spring interiors, which provide the ‘core’ support. Changing the spring construction, thickness of the wire, the number of coils, height of each spring and the quantity alters the tension, feel and weight distribution properties of each mattress. 


Considered as the next generation in memory foam, Gel is a new mattress filling on the bed market. It promises highly impressive cooling thermo-regulating properties, as well as breathability, pressure relief and body support.


Natural mattresses contain traditional natural fillings such as wool, cotton, silk, cashmere etc. Nantural mattresses are usually non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials. They are often preferred by individuals who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems. As all good products, they should be very comfertable and breathable, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.   


Mattress Finishes

The mattress finish relates to the top surface layer. The average mattress has either a tufted or quilted finish, there are many varioations on the market. Here's a brief summery of the available mattress finishes and their various benefits.

Pillow Top

Pillow tops are additional upholstery layers which are placed on top of a mattress, hence pillow top! They can be bought separtly, to enhance an existing mattress but more often than not, they are found permentantly attached to certain mattress models. Pillow tops come in many different styles, containing either regular foam, memory foam, latex, fiberfill, cotton or wool etc. They come in various comfort gardes and offer a wide variety of benefits. Pillow tops are particularly popular with individuals who enjoy soft cushioning and the feeling of sinking into their mattress. 


Tufting is a type of textile weaving in which a thread is inserted through the mattress at regular intervals, and secured at each end. This prevents loose fillings from being dislodged and gives the fillings a distinctive, plump surface. For example, due to the design of a pocket sprung mattress, tufts are necessary to prevent the mattress loosing shape and collapsing. It is however quite common now for these type mattresses with latex, memory foam or pillow tops to have quilted tops as their design allows the tufts to be covered by the fillings.

Micro Quilted

A micro-quilted finish is created when the mattress and its fillings are by stitchedtogether, creating a patterned comfort quilt layer. Quilted mattresses usually have a very smooth sleeping surface. Many people prefer this finish due to either a bad experience in the past with low quality tufts or because they simply like the look and feel of a quilted mattress.


Damask is a woven cloth, usually patterned. It is very soft and hardwearing. It is often used as a surface material on mattresses. Damask offers fantastic breathability and is great at reducing humidity build up.


Knitted mattress covers are common, they are often used on foam and latex mattresses. Knitted mattress covers have great breathing qualities.


Other Mattress Specifications to Consider

Vents - Vents are like little air holes that can often be found on the border of a mattress. Vents promote airflow and release of humidity.

Handles -