Spring Systems

There are various mattress spring types available on the market. Here's a brief run-down of the main ones:

Pocket Sprung

Pocket sprung mattresses are our favourite! They contain individual springs which work indepentantly to provide support across your body. Individually responsive to your movements as you sleep, each pocket spring works independently to offer personalised support where you need it most. Spring counts typically vary from 600-800 up to 2,500 but can go up to 3 or even 4,000! Like other types of mattresses they are made in a range of tensions. Pocket sprung mattresses are great at conforming and adjusting to body contours. They help to eliminate 'roll together'. Sprung mattresses use a wide variety of fillings to create different properties and comfort options, as well as affecting price. Fillings are chosen for their resilience, durability, flexibility and ability to absorb body moisture.


Open Coil

Open Coil springs are a type of spring formation, where the springs are arranged in sideway rows, and joined together by a thinner wire on the top and bottom of each spring. Also known as: Bonnell Springs, Coil Spring, Cage Sprung, Box Springs.


Twin/Dual Spring Units

Twin Spring Units are a spring formation characterised by two spring units placed directly on top of one another, usually with a layer of filling between the units. Twin Spring Units usually offer a superior level of comfort. Also know as Dual Sprung. 


Continuous Coil

Continuous Coil is a type of Open Coiled Mattress, made from a single wire arranged in head-to-toe rows of continual wire, joined in the same way as the open coil, by a helical wire on the top and bottom of each spring. Continuous coil is a different to normal open coil in that open coil will run in rows side to side, whereas continuous coil is joined head to toe. This head-to-toe formation also eliminates the 'roll together' effect.



Miracoil Springs are Silentnights Trade Mark name for their Continuous Coil Sprung units.

Silentnight describe their Miracoil Spring System as follows: "The unique Miracoil® Spring System is manufactured from one continuous spring that runs head to toe distributing body weight up and down the bed. This ensures that the bed gives you and your partner the support you need, irrespective of differences in size and weight. The Miracoil® Spring System is combined with a number of different fillings to offer a complete range of comfort levels."