Caring For Your Sofa

We all have our favourite place to sit - the armchair nearest the fire or the end of the sofa nearest to the coffee table. Naturally, the cushions in our favourite spots show a little more wear than other places if you don't do a few simple things:

  •  Plumping cushions (especially feather and hollow fill)
  •  Switching identical cushions around from time to time
  •  Redressing covers - covers might shift a little bit over time. Just tuck them back in firmly down the back of the cushions. 

Fabric Care

Sunlight will fade most fabrics and precautions should always be taken to protect fabrics from exposure to direct sunlight.

Dry cleaning only may be recommended (according to the fabric composition). Fabrics are categorised for wear based on the results of the Martindale rub test. The Martindale test is a measure of the durability of a fabric. The tests are undertaken on upholstery fabrics to check their suitability for various uses – i.e. decorative chairs, heavy-traffic areas or commercial furniture.