Caring For Leather Furniture

Leather is a natural product with many highly desirable characteristics - it's stylish, comfortable and exceptionally durable. With the right care, your new leather upholstery will retain its natural beauty for many years to come.

The best way to look after your leather products is with a Stainguard leather care kit. Formulated to clean and protect without damaging the finish, the kits usually covers each stage in leather care: cleaning, conditioning and protection. We recommend you treat your leather upholstery upon delivery, prior to use, and every few months thereafter.

Do not use household cleaning products, solvents or cleaners intended for materials other than leather as they are liable to spoil the finish. Protect your leather furniture from strong sunlight and excessive heat such as radiators.

Although every effort is made to achieve uniformity, no two hides are the same and you may see variations in shade and texture of the grain between products. Natural markings such as healed scars, wrinkling, stretch marks and veining may also be present; these are considered an integral part of the leather and should not be viewed as faults. All these features add to the natural beauty of the leather and show it is the real thing!