Bar Stools - Get The Right One

Bar Stool Height

The height is probably one of the most important deciding factors on choosing the right bar stool. To be comfortable whilst sitting on your stool there needs to be enough room for your legs to go under the bar or kitchen work surface; with a sizeable gap above (with the aim of giving you a similar posture as if you were sitting at a table). In a kitchen environment the standard height for a kitchen work surface is 90cm. This seems to be a standard within the industry. It may differ (plus or minus 2cm) however, depending on how the kitchen was fitted. If the dimension from the floor to the underside of the work surface is around 90cm then you need a stool which has a seat height of approx 65-70cm. This will give you a space of 25-30cm for your legs. 

Bar Stool Width

In order to determine the width of the stool you should be looking at buying; firstly, you need to measure the length of your bar or kitchen work surface. Most people know how many stools they require , so you need to divide the length of the kitchen work surface by this number. You need at least 10 to 15cm between each stool. If you have a gap to the left or the right, for example is at the end of a kitchen island then you can get the stools slightly closer. The minimum width of bar stool is approx 38cm. When you add a back to a stool the width increases to 40cm - 45cm. When you add arms to the stool, the stool width grows again.