Bed Storage

Why not make the most of your bedroom space with some clever storage solutions?

Here's a brief summery of the main types of under-bed storage:


If you're looking for a new bed and want to maximise on the storage space in your bedroom then a bed with drawers could be the best option for you. A great example is the two drawer divan; usually available with the drawers either side of the foot end, the two drawer option is ideal for storing bedding and other light weight items. The next drawer option is the 4 drawer, giving you twice the space (as the two drawer), a four drawer divan is perfect for gaining more storage space without breaking the bank. Bedside cabinets must be held in consideration when choosing a 4 drawer as they can obstruct the two drawers a the head end. If you're worried about the bedside cabinets getting in the way,  then the continental drawer divan could be the option for you. Continental drawers, also known as a 2+2 drawer divan, is basically a four drawer option that uses two half drawers at the head end. This allows you to open the drawers freely even if you have bedside cabinets! However, if these drawer options aren't quite what you are looking for, many bed manufacturers offer other storage options such as an end drawer and maxi drawer.


Ottoman Storage

For the ultimate storage, you can't beat an Ottoman storage bed. Available as a side lift or an end lift ottoman, these storage beds allow you to use the whole space below your mattress.

Ottoman storage beds have become very popular again recently as they offer excellent storage solutions. The look of the bed does not really have to change with an ottoman meaning they are commonly used in beds such as leather bedsteads where the styling of the bed is important.

They work by having a platform top which hinges from the rest of the base, providing access to the storage space below. Many ottoman frames also use the floor below the bed allowing heavier items to be stored away (in most cases boards are provided to rest on the floor below but in some cases may not).

Access to the storage space is gained by lifting the mattress and the hinged top half of the base, all of which is assisted by tension springs or a hydraulic system.

The only real downsides to Ottoman beds are down to cost and the minor fact that the storage can't be accessed if somebody is on the bed. They are however a great solution and in most cases don't need as much access space at the side of the beds than drawers.



Slidestore storage is usually found in the budget end of beds. They are simply divans which allow the majority of their internal space to be used for storage, access to which is via two sliding doors on one side, both sides and/or the foot end of the bed. Although the space available is quite large they are designed to hold light weight objects such as bedding.