We love La-Z-Boy at FW Homestores; the name, their story and of course their wonderful products. Get to know the brand and get excited!

La-Z-Boy was founded in 1929 by American cousins, Edward M.Knabusch and Edwin J.Shoemaker, who invented the first recliner in 1928. A comfortable concept, the folding wood-slat porch chair followed the contour of a person's body, both sitting and leaning back. Using orange crates to mock-up and refine their idea, the partners invented the reclining mechanism that would sweep the world off its feet. The chairs were an instant hit - but needed a name. Combining promotion with necessity, the partners held a contest and turned down suggestions including Sit-n-Snooze, Slack-Back and Comfort Carrier before choosing La-Z-Boy as the clear winner.

Over the subsequent decades, La-Z-Boy's product line has grown to include a myriad of pieces and styles, making it the world's best-selling recliner. La-Z-Boy continues to innovate, building on a unique heritage that has pioneered new developments in the furniture industry. Allowing effortless reclining in a three point position, handle recliners from La-Z-Boy provide the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

La-Z-Boy offer a lifetime guarantee on their recliner mechanism. In fact, the mechanisms are designed and tested to operate a minimum of 100,000 times over the life of the recliner!

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