A Warm Winter Feast




Whilst maintaining the homely, rustic winter feel, elevate your interiors with a breeze of elegance and sophistication. This season we’ve opted for our Railway collection which is crafted from railway sleepers, complimented with stainless steel to create a sleek frame and finished with a solid glass top.

The great thing about this collection is that it contains 3 different tables, a round table and rectangular table in either a small or medium size. Whether you want an intimate dining experience, enough space for the whole family or if you need to size up to the medium table to accommodate more guests, the Railway collection allows you tailor your dining setting to your needs.

The deep grooves and grains of the wooden table-top cannot go unnoticed. Although covered with a glass surface, you may not be able to touch the textured wood, but you can definitely feel the rustic vibes that are created. The reflective stainless-steel frame adds a clean and refreshing contrast, also allowing you to add more metallic products into your space to produce a coherent look.

We’ve added a round silver wall mirror to compliment the style of the room, a simplistic form as not to take away from the centre piece that is the dining table. If your room is decorated with Christmas lights and other shiny ornaments, the mirror will do a great job at bouncing all these things around the room. A round chrome clock that is classically designed will add elegance and, will hopefully help you to keep an eye on your turkey!

Finally, we’ve paired our Railway dining table with the Buckingham knocker back chairs to add that extra level of luxury to your dining room. The plush grey velvet featuring button back and stud detailing adds texture and compliments the warm yet sophisticated winter look. The chrome legs match all the other elements in the room, making the chairs a great pairing for our dining table.

Adding greenery whether real or fake will keep the space connected to the outdoors, naturally filling the room with a positive and comforting atmosphere. You don’t have to add a rug, but if you do decide to, we’ve selected our silver Koko rug, available in different sizes to suit your needs and also a great fit to match the décor, featuring geometric patterns and a super soft feel, a nice addition to keep the room feeling cosy and warm.

White or off-white walls are usually a good choice for keeping the room looking modern and clean, however light or dark greys can achieve the same look. If you want to add a splash of colour, greens and teals or pinks and purples and a few other pastel colours are quirky but also help to bring out the metallic hues from your furniture. 

 “This season it’s all about warm, winter dining wrapped up with a touch of elegance. Create an environment which exudes comfort and warmth with a cosy woodland feel with textures and foliage of your choice, but also not forgetting to get into the festive spirit and adorn your space with cheerful decorations!” 


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