Spring 2021



Soft pinks and earthy neutrals will be bringing the fresh spring breeze through your home. The mustard yellow will work best as an accent as it will add warmth and brighten your room, as well as being a popular colour trend of this year. The soft touch mustard Aiden velvet chairs and natural weaved geometric rug adds character as it contributes to the modern, contemporary feel. Our quirky mirror allows for the beautiful spring daylight to bounce around the room and reflect the golden glory of the sun and its rays. Keeping to the modern style, we’ve chosen the Mozart collection as it has a minimal look and fills the space neatly without dominating it.

The parquet inlay within the aged grey surfaces adds personality to the furniture whilst also allowing the wood to reflect some natural elements. The sideboard serves style as it does functionality and will be a useful piece of furniture to help to declutter as you spring clean. We’ve also added some bamboo and artificial flowers to add a pop of colour and greenery to bring the outdoors in and reflect the blooming earth. 








"Although it isn’t quite Summer and the Spring breeze can still be quite fresh, the days will be getting warmer and brighter so these styling tips will help you to create a cosy and bright space as you begin to tackle the rest of the year with a fresh new outlook and an abundance of style".


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