Summer 2022 : Biophilic Design





Biophilic interior design is all about connecting an indoor space to the outdoors with the use of nature-inspired colours, textures and materials, introducing plants and utilising natural light. Linking these two spaces is a clever way of making your home feel larger, whilst simultaneously inviting a warm and calming ambience. 


When it comes to transforming your space towards the biophilia trend, combine dusky colours with rustic, organic, sustainable materials which nod to nature to create a peaceful, harmonised environment and blend the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. Subtle tones embrace an airy openness, while deep greens add depth and definition to the palette. We have added the Baxter armchair which features a luxurious deep leafy toned velvet and curvaceous features, creating a sense of instant comfort and relaxation whilst linking to nature. 


Bring the outdoors inside by incorporating greenery with plants; artificial or real, enhancing the natural textures and beautiful botanical tones. Nature serves as much more than a decoration, it also helps to improve your mental health and boost your wellbeing, mood and productivity levels. The result being, it not only looks beautiful but you feel great too. 


We’ve added a few wooden elements into the mix, including the reclaimed Melrose dining table. It features distinctive markings and rustic textures which compliments the surrounding botanicals and nature-inspired theme. Make the rustic tones stand out with the contrasting Milo Green Rug, it will be sure to add depth and warmth to the space. 


Integrate soft curves into your space through furniture, arches and patterns which nod to nature. Curves bring a welcoming feature to a home, helping us feel connected to our surroundings, radiating a feeling of warmth and safety. Curvaceous features can be found in many stylish pieces such as curved, sumptuous sofas, circular mirrors, cocooning armchairs and decorative floor lamps, embracing the soft, organic silhouettes.



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