Winter 2020

We’re finishing 2020 with a bold blue..



We’re finishing 2020 with a bold blue to celebrate this on-trend hue. With elegant details and bold colours, this lookbook injects an opulent and vibrant feel to your home. Ideal for creating a sociable feel that’s perfect for hosting over the festive seasons, this collection maximises texture and jewel-tones for a look that’s sure to beat the winter blues. 

We’ve chosen the Bella sofa for a bright pop of teal that’s the perfect base for this look. Complement the luxurious feel of the velvet with metallic accents. We’ve selected the Marilyn bookcase, which features a unique geometric, gold decal for a charming, vintage inspired feel. For a stylish accent chair, the matching Monroe chairs will pair beautifully. Accessorise your room with pieces that make use of shimmering, metallic textures to complete the look. We’ve selected the Midas mirror, the Koko rug in silver to complement the jewel tones of the Bella and the decadent woods of the Marilyn.

“Jewel-toned blues, deep woods and gold details are the perfect way to create a luxurious feel to any social space in your home. With art-deco inspiration, this lookbook is focused on decadent hues and textures to create an inviting and sociable space that’s perfect for spending time in this winter.” 


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